Short-Term Business Loans

​Growing your small business on your own can be very difficult without access to additional business funding. One of the most common ways to raise working capital for your business is through a business loan. banks-business-loans

At Microplus Capital, we want to help you and your small business thrive and can provide you with access to small business loans with funds sent in as quickly as two business days.*

What makes small business loans through Microplus Capital Unique?

Microplus Capital is the market share leader in alternative small business finance. We work hard to get your business approved for funding because we know how important it is for you and your small business.

Furthermore, Microplus Capital can provide you access to the capital you need quickly. Not only can you complete the entire loan application online in 10 minutes or less, but your business can have funds sent in as little as two business days*. Finally, we provide such great service that over 70% of our eligible customers renew with Microplus Capital.

Basic Requirements for Approval

Your business may qualify for a loan if:

Your business has a monthly gross revenue of $4,500 or more.
Your business’s monthly revenue is relatively stable.
Your business has been in operation for at least 4 months.

How much can my small business get?

Microplus Capital can help you access very small to very large small business loans: from $2,500 up to $150,000** for single location businesses and up to $250,000 for multi-location businesses. These loans also have a range of terms from 4 to 24 months. That means your small business can access a short-term loan for inventory, for example, then sell your merchandise and pay off the loan quickly. Or, you can get a longer-term loan and take your time paying back what your business borrowed.

​How fast can my small business get a loan?

Microplus Capital provides access to fast business loans. Our end-to-end online business loan application is quick and easy and business funds are sent in as little as 2 business days upon approval. Get prequalified for a business loan online or over the phone in ten minutes or less!

What can my small business use the loan for?

You have the freedom to use your small business loan for almost any business related need including but not limited to:

Assets: inventory, tools, equipment, vehicles, and technology
Improvements: research and development, business expansion, renovations, and general upgrades
Regular Expenses: payroll, inventory, taxes, accounts payable and advertising

​ Regardless of what you choose to do with your small business financing, you’ll find a few big benefits through Microplus Capital:

No checks! A small, fixed amount is automatically deducted from your business bank account each weekday.
No personal collateral needed.
Approval is based on your business’s strength.
Funding is fast enough to cover unexpected expenses.