Consumer Finance Programs for Businesses

With our unique approach we are proud to offer our consumer finance program tailored for any business that sells a product or service under $10,000. appliancesWith our program, we can provide financing to your customers so you don’t lose out any lost sales and increase your bottom line. We have the ability to buy your existing portfolio of loans that you may have “in-house” or simply purchase Retail Installment Contracts or Revolving Credit Agreements.

Highlights to our program:

  • The ability to finance your customers down to a 580 Fico score. We can finance your turndowns from your current credit provider.
  • Provide creative programs such as 6 months same as cash
  • Instant credit processing and approval
  • E- Signature capabilities
  • Work in almost any industry
  • We can collect bad debt portfolios
  • Flexibility on interest rate to your consumer
  • Tiered pricing for your consumer

Industries we like to finance :

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Jewelry
  • Memberships
  • Private School Tuitions
  • Security/Alarms
  • Retail
  • Furniture
  • Vocational Schools
  • Travel
  • And many more

Other Consumer Financing Programs For Businesses:

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