What is Bridge Funding & Hard Money Lending?

Hello Everyone:

I hope you had a great week … as we head into the weekend, I just wanted to share a new development with you concerning our Bridge Funding and Hard Money programs. We now have a special portal for these particular loans at this link: www.micropluscapital.info

What is Bridge Funding and Hard Money Lending, you may ask? Well, simply put … bridge funding and hard money lending deals with a client’s ability to source financing for say cash out, remodeling, construction, acquisitions, etc. of real estate within a short period of time in order to accomplish their immediate cash objectives while making plans to refinance it later using conventional means.

Conventional loans take long to close but we can close your loan in under 10 days in most cases. Let’s say for example, you find a great apartment complex on an auction but you don’t have the cash to pay for it right away. You can come to us at Microplus Capital, LLC. All things being equal, we will lend you the cash needed and you can then turn around apply for a conventional loan through your bank. It’s that simple!

Please initiate all applications for these types of loans atwww.micropluscapital.info … you will be required to create an account only once but after that you can submit as many loans as possible by just revisiting the site.

You can also use all the cool features like entering the address of the property and let the online features upload pictures, market values, comparable assets, etc. for you. Note that it is similar to our main site but it just ends with dot info as opposed to dot com. Commercial Real Estate is our fastest growing division and we want to give it the attention it deserves.

You can initiate and complete an application in under 15 minutes, so we can get you started and we can get you pre-approved in less the time it takes you to get your auto insurance policy at geico.com. How about that for innovation.

Visit us today at www.micropluscapital.info and create an account in readiness for your next big deal. Unlike other bridge and hard money lenders, Microplus Capital, LLC will also work with you in finding your exist strategy on your next loan if you happen not to have one and do not forget to check our other loan programs for your commercial capital needs.

Have a great weekend, 

Brainwave R Mumba, Sr.
CEO & President – Microplus Capital, LLC
Toll Free: 888-321-4440
Mobile: 817-707-1638
Fax: 888-308-1116
Skype: brainsplus


Call Us Today Toll Free: 888-321-4440 or Simply Contact Us For More Details Below …

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